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Seoul is the capital of South Korea and the seventh largest city in the world. The history of Seoul dates back as far as the 14th century. People from all over the world visit the city, to experience the blend of modern, with traditional multi-cultural diversities that make Seoul special, as a major tourist destination. Seoul has become densely populated today and is the hub for political, cultural and economic activity in Korea.

The people of Korea have led hard lives and hold on to their family values and traditions There are nearly eleven million people in Seoul. The city abounds with a pulsing night life as many cultural performances are hosted here. There are many restaurants, Tea-houses and shopping centers that attract visitors. Many of the ancient palaces are open to the public. Traditional houses with tiled roofs and cobbled paths still exist alongside the modern towering skyscrapers made of steel, concrete and glass. Seoul also has many amusement parks, science centers and aquariums.